Mad Cow Gets Inside of Heads

Mad Cow Culture is a mental itch
Shit on the brain a genuine bitch
Shadows in doorways, devils at home
You’ll be sure to get the big bone
Listen to the music, all off key
Songs begin and end with me
God of the circus, clowning around
Wandering around lost and found
Directing traffic, everything red
You’ll be the first to dead


Vain-glorious whispers kiss your spine
Purse your lips and get in line
Big Daddy breathing down your neck
And you are looking quite the wreck
But let him in, the rest of you
Suck it up, embrace the stew
The mess that floats between your ears
A boatload of dopes and fears
Now eyes in the back of your head
You can see what is fat and fed
Blowing smoke up your ass
Sorry chum, this won’t pass.