Mad Cow is now King of the Cows
The bulls and princes taking bows
The chickens, hens and mud-stained pigs
Horses, goats and fowl in wigs
All stand at attention and salute
The heavens are quiet, the bugle mute
But still they bow and scrape their knees
And every move involves a fee
Suck up to his Highness, round and royal
Practice bending, the special coil
Scrape the meadow, become the snake
See the future as a placid lake
Feed forever, hay on call
Gin up praise, hand him a wall
Twist in the wind, fully at sea
Holding your breath is the key
Swallow your words, happy and fatter
All required by the Prince Mad Hatter
And toss your soul in the composting bin
Loving the beast can’t be a sin
Look in the mirror, image is all
Please get ready for your curtain call.