Eve seeing apple as hen
A rooster going around the bend
God giveth as we spend
Rafters and ravens
Hosts and tax havens
Word are tangential to talk
Got a problem, take a walk
Rakes the cure for Notre Dame
Cow imagines so much fame
Digging up the dead, father too
Moved from the Bronx, another zoo
To just inside the Berlin Wall
Cow still fears the windmill call
Bringing cancer to lobes and nodes
Brain off the back on shoddy roads
Thoughts and prayers don’t make the day
Cow sees rough marks left in clay
He seeks the word, the final truth
The orange of Dr. Ruth
But no doctor’s in the barn
Cow will live in another yarn
Language leaching from an old oak tree
Where the roots are mangled, subject free
To wander where the gods don’t go
A Barnum & Bailey, all tent show
Hair on fire, mind ablaze
Cow knows his way through the haze
House of mirrors, house of shame
For Cow it’s really all the same.
Mad Cow is all onions and ass
Blessed with animal class
His breath tells the tale
Never sorry, never fail
Dishes are wasted out in the sun
Oranges have captured all of the fun
A grove lost in a salad of words
Remnants hardly fit for the birds
Origins from Adam and Eve
Begin a crazy, syntactical weave
The world, the dawn, then the leave
Alphabet soup all over again
Adam in his wayward den