The Gospel According to Cow

Mad Cow took Christ from the tomb
And spread his gospel through the room
Of disciples who made the Cow their king
Full of venom, bite and sting
Hate thy neighbor, ban the fool
Trample on the golden rule
Never steal, you beasts get real
I know how to make a deal
Squash the other, make him beg
Take him down another peg
Covert his wife, my perfect play
I love a signing just that way
I bow down to gods galore
Honey, money and the grateful whore
I honor my father and his bank
He gave me a New York rank
I know God like the back of my hand
That I wave to all my marching band
Music from a place divine
Keeps them happy and in line
My church is meant to break the will
Straighten up and pay the bill
Move your lips in raucous praise
I have my people in a daze.