Pedal Power

Pedal Power

Publisher: Rodale Press
Publication Year: 1977
ISBN: 0878571787

-How to produce your own energy from a stationary bicycle!
-Perform kitchen tasks using pedal-powered equipment!
-Watch TV from electricity produced at home!
-Actual building instructions for a newly designed energy cycle!

About the Book

The idea for the book came from Bob Rodale, the late chairman of Rodale. He had funded a velodrome (bicycle racing track) near the corporate offices in Emmaus, Pennsylvania to help develop American Olympic cyclist. But, being a very practical man, he wondered how human power could also be used to produce energy, plow gardens and split logs. With the help of an array of experts, including professors from Oxford University and MIT, Pedal Power explored this issues and gained significant international attention, especially in developing countries.

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