Just animal sounds from way down low
Hinting at a final body blow
Meal in the making, meat for all
Lions on station, having a ball
Chomping on guts, testicles too
Cow brings in the rest of the crew
The slackers and kissers of petulant ass
Join the low end of this barnyard farce
Feeding on scraps and body parts
Wobbly spines and wayward hearts
Weakened will and mental slips
Curtsies, bows and full-waist dips
The menu slight, nourishment nil
Still they climb the Mad Cow hill
Seeing a tree where the forest stands
Getting off on tribal bands
Hearing words formed between their toes
Ushered out through a wayward nose
And a mouth that mimics a bad cow birth
Sounds from the very end of the earth
Flat, of course, as the barnyard know
Windmills with cancer continue to blow
Get in line, start the humming
Welcome to the second coming.
Mad Cow is all orange and maw
A barnyard quaint to be sure
His theater on dope
That long hanging rope
Wraps around a neck, times two
A feisty, delicious brew
Spewed from his raw mouth and lips
And more from his throat, gut and his hips
These jaws of strife are all trigger, no life
No lover’s entreaty to capture a wife