Now kiss the mad ring
Swallow the noise
You’ll get a few toys
Red letter days
Someone else pays
You’ll notice a whine
Where you once had spine
For some you’ll still be a hit
You’re the crowd that ate shit
Bend a knee to a god, some agent Divine
And put immigrants behind a Maginot Line
Babies in cages,
The Internet rages
But still sure of the path
Not wanting to inflame Mad Cow’s wrath
You look at his puffed-up hair
And discover a little man who wasn’t there
One who lives at the end of your rage
Point a finger, turn the page
Find fire in your belly, darkest things
Scatter to your base that sings
Pleased to find their earthly woes
Are the work of these immigrant foes
Mexican rapists, Muslim slime
This country will be just fine
Point the finger, exposure the Other
Don’t worry, he’s not your brother
Just some other skin and other hair
Everything you must beware
And beat and beat the evangelical drum
For God’s work is never done.
Mad Cow is currently the clown
Amusing the red side of town
His cheeks and his jowls
His hair and his howls
His butt and his gut
His best-ever putt
His puffed-up lips
His lousy tips
The greatest words ever
The inventor of weather
He’s Merry Christmas in May
Now do what I say
Those close to his ass
Senators don’t get a pass
Knee-first they heed
The Cow’s first need
Swallow that bling