Mad Cow lives where it’s Red
Where sense leaks into his head
He knows Venus is the evening star
He’s familiar with the down-home bar
Where he listens to the male cat room
Tales of wonder, tales of doom
Digital search tells the tale
Men treated like a poor beached whale
Where he’s perched at the end of her wrath
Might as well take a bath
Or find a cure for hair loss blues
Or take an all-male cruise
Pump up your dick
With an enlargement kit
How to get girls without work
How to be the handsome Turk
Or when feeling weak, a little flat
Hit the Other with a baseball bat
Vote for a tough guy, feet of shards
Mad Cow for all is in the cards
Look in the mirror, drink the brew
Then make merry with the fragile crew
Men in a circle, wimping away
Another beautiful, circle-jerk day.