The Solar Greenhouse Book

The Solar Greenhouse Book

Genres: Agronomy, Engineering, Technology
Publisher: Rodale Press
Publication Year: 1978
ISBN: 0878571981

The solar greenhouse is an appropriate technology tool which can be geared to the needs of people in rural, urban, and suburban areas.

About the Book

At the time of this writing passive solar energy was the rage with most of the early activity in the American Southwest. Fanning this movement was an ongoing energy crisis and disruption of fuel from the Middle East. The Solar Greenhouse Book was a perfect extension of Organic Gardening’s commitment to food and energy self-sufficiency. Leading experts from around the country contributed to this effort and the success and popularity of this book. It was one of the early efforts to develop a constituency for passive solar energy as an essential feature of the greenhouse eco-system in all parts of the U.S.

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