Mad Cow is king of the pitch
He’s fat, round and rich
His snout pokes through mud
He’s an ooze-seeking stud
Cow’s a piggish son-of-a-bitch.
Mad Cow is a pig in a poke
He’s bulbous and eager to stoke
Fires that burn in his brow
A pig disguised as a cow
A thoroughly slimy bloke.
Mad Cow eats what’s in sight
His stomach wants it done right
He gets down on his knees
Squat as you please
and pigs his way through the night.
Mad Cow can play the pig
A gambit, a dance, and a jig
He eats off the floor
Is a honk and a boar
Shit is what he loves to dig.
Mad Cow knows how to pig out
In the pen he’s rough as a lout
He eats what he shits
All entrails and bits
His bacon an intestinal bout.