There are guns on display
Cow’s bone spur way
The bikers all over Cow’s weak back
Muscle served up from the stale bread rack
Theater continues, Cow points to his head
He mocks and saves the Paris dead
“Bang, Bang” cries the orange mouth
The National Whiner trundles south
“Unfair” the croak of the day
Magical thinking, dark angels at play
Inflating words, deeds and dough
Where did all the sane cows go
Lying to the tune of a metric ton
No one else is having fun
Flick of the wrist, angry rant
Cheeks are fixed in a breathless pant
Pleasure principle the horn Cow blows
Lipstick on the pig everyone knows
Inventing a map that doesn’t exist
Territory to fit the Mad Cow list
Denying Muslims, Mexicans too
All tossed in Cow’s noxious stew
A semantic stew that numbs the brain
Very few welcomed in the Mad Cow lane
The barnyard vacant, this animal bare
He has one worry, his orange hair.
While Mad Cow was admiring his ass
He was sent to the back of the class
A sailor hat squared on his head
A symbol for those very well-read
Not Cow to be sure
He’s s bit of a bore
But he keeps the barnyard in line
With a joke, slur or whine
And a very fine nose for shit
He thinks he’s a bit of a wit
When he hosts his theater of doom
Shoveling chaos into the room
Now Robert E. Lee
Our Cow has to pee