But Cow to the rescue, timely of course
He knows science, he knows cheese
He solves problems on his knees
He reads lips, the walking dead
He does chopsticks in his head
He reads sonar under the sea
He can predict when sailors pee
He knows solar, he knows sun
He knows windmills have their fun
Cutting you off right at the knees
When the wind calls a brisk “at ease”
And the TV goes silent, computers crash
So Mad Cow makes his high energy dash:
Windmills are a blight on the land
Better build your house on sand
Better still, burn much more coal
West Virginia’s on a roll
Natural gas flows underground
Everywhere except Puget Sound
Shale oil is making Utah rich
Everyone climbing out of the ditch
And fracking has become the cry of the land
A brand, new all-American band
Changing our face, the horizon line
And Mad Cow still blows in the breeze
Now more like a whine and a wheeze
Words bumble, sentences stray
Fences to keep trouble away
Cow stumbles back to his base
And that barnyard where Cow thinking is done
Turmoil used to be much more fun.
Mad Cow whispers in trees
And the forest falls to its knees
Wind is the subject at hand
And Cow is the breath of the land
Because he knows and he blows
When it rains, when it snows
From the east and the west
From the slums and the best
He captures hot air
On a wing and a dare
Telling his crowd, fully out loud
He’s tall and remains completely unbowed
Because his mind is as sharp as a tack
He knows the sun can stall on the rack
Wind can die down, weary at source