He plays with his toys
Spittle on the meadow grass
Lies, a legend, to save his ass
Blow, amplify, make a face
Welcome to the human race
Orange skin and orange hair
Challenge him, just you dare
Cow will “ad hominin” you
Make you drink his nasty brew
See you as a backyard ball
Whimpering next to his Beautiful Wall
Finding wisdom in the crowd
Go away, you’re much too loud
Cow’s right, white, the exceptional herd
Bugger off wingless bird
Cow’s not saying he’s gospel true
He’s just saying black is blue
Enter his canvas, enter his frame
Feel you mind just going lame
Thoughts now come from a toxic well
Count to ten, enjoy the spell
Say “Biggest” until your lips run dry
You’ll get around to asking why
Assholes come, assholes go
You propped up the Mad Cow show.
Mad Cow has a fondness for pie
A sampling of mud in his eye
Dirt in the wit
A marching band kit
And caboodle for sure
After all, aren’t we at war?
Cow brings down the moon
Blood a strawberry spoon
His wind blows a menacing ill
Whimpering China is standing still
Amplify the noise