He looks under his orange hair
Always finding the man not there
Poking in streams without any fish
Another empty dinner dish
Witches he sees behind all trees
Cow will charge them appearance fees
Theater’s the word, a theater absurd
Actors in numbers are giving the bird
Mirrors catch the cast long gone
Shadows breaking into song
Fingernails on the forest floor
Can’t find an exit door
Raising the ante, temperature too
The whole damn place is turning blue
Missing the music, skipping a beat
Mad Cow blind in the driver’s seat
Dribble on chin, nose in the air
Not a bloody hot house care
Yet archetypes hold the old gods near
Tribal, ancient and trading in fear
Just when Cow thinks he gets a pass
Some force bites him in the ass
Then demons come from a distant cloud
Chanting clearly, right out loud
Zeus declares you’re a centennial dick
So you have a pleasant pick
Enter myth as a horse’s ass
Giving the world a hearty laugh
Or get to know the Hades horde
Guaranteed, you won’t be bored
Hell is where chaos rules
Resting place for perfect fools.
Mad Cow moves between maybe and moo
And uses a phone as a shoe
Dreams of voters in costume hats
Dressed as coyotes, cats and rats
Walking in circles, playing the fool
Two-fisted antics on a milking stool
Rakes as the perfect firestop wall
God he’s so princely and so tall
Moving across borders, Hermes the Clown
Lost on the field, never first down
Lost in a vague, occluded cloud
Nothing he thinks should be said out loud
His verbs are passive, half-asleep
Enough to make a grown man weep
Fate is a notion, a flick of the wrist
Why is this big man always pissed?
He says you cannot practice tone
The ways a dog chews a bone