I am your savior, hero too
I’ll keep you out of that border stew
Don’t lose your focus, please don’t frown
I will tell you when up is down
When to apply makeup, take on stripes
And when to indulge in baby wipes
Have guns at the ready, a bit of pomp
Let’s proceed with our fictional romp
Theater is as theater does
Don’t you like this on-stage buzz
Open the curtains, bring on the wall
This movement is too big to fall
For what is true is hardly known
You just haven’t heard the proper groan
The “High Noon” outsider with the vintage brew
I’m not talking day-old stew
Something to think, something to drink
Starts in the belly, a giggle, a wink
Leave the head outside, away, offstage
Today the gut is all the rage
Comic heaven, Hercules buff
Sharpen your knives, time to get tough
I am your mirror, the glass in your head
You reflect just what I said
Walk through the funhouse, a circular run
Don’t think too much, just have fun
Stay on the stage, the theater absurd
That why people give you the bird
Be different, unwashed, outside the crowd
Yell into the audience very loud
That Cow is your king, you motley crew
He knows what you never knew
Then close the curtain, drama done
You just gave birth to a favorite Son.
Mad Cow’s theater of moo
Is electric and open to you
The stage almost bare
Blessed with bright orange hair
Actors dressed as circus clowns
Wearing garish, pinkish gowns
Kneeling to Cow in an opening pose
Kissing his feet with the tip of their nose
Causing theater, action and all
Ready for riot, ready to fall
As Cow takes the stage carriage reins
His actions erratic, everything feigned
The curtain opens, a tale comes in
Fresh tales from the garbage bin
Brown the color of the immigrant bunch
Don’t take those little buggers to lunch
Watch my eyes, temper too
I’m telling you what is true