He’s Cyrus in the evangelical brew
Showing the Mad Cow Way
Blasphemy still can pay
When the Cow of the yard
The cow bell bard
Wraps his words in dung
When referring to the Son
Showing the Way of the Cross
Depends on who’s the boss
And who can twist and turn
A perfect biblical burn
Scripture up in smoke
The saints under the yoke
Cow’s out of body, now out of sorts
Crossing land, discovering ports
Passing through ether, speaking in tongues
Filling the tabernacle with air from his lungs
Finding a planet, a star he can own
Celestial music, proper in tone
Angels surround him, devils away
Exactly the time for a Mad Cow play
God’s in the barn yard and in the stall
Welcome to this meaty ball
This is my body, Cow says with glee
Surrender, give in and eat some of me.
Mad Cow lies on his back
He also lies in the sack
He looks at the world in his flanks
Meaty, lumpy and rank
He sees his herd in his dreams
A mirror makes him beam
His nose will discover a plot
Before fall apples rot
He can read mere cow minds
The nectar on top of fine wines
He knows what’s held in your heart
The horse is before the cart
He speaks in tongues to the few